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Discretion and Seriousness

Discretion is a particularly important topic for us. Our building is not externally recognizable as a gay escort agency, so visually there is a maximum of discretion.
The property has two separate entrances, for overnight guests in our two apartments, access in the private area is possible at any time, without having to enter the main object. offers and expects discretion. All parties are obliged to secrecy. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. In addition, guest and escort boy undertake never to contact each other directly outside the contract period, but to establish each contact exclusively via our escort service. It goes without saying that our escorts have excellent manners and a respectful way of dealing with our guests. The photos of our escorts are always up to date and not "antiquarian" shots.
Discretion also means that it is a standard of our service to introduce you exclusively to the boy of your choice. This procedure is an important part of our discretion principle in order to avoid unnecessary "comparisons" for our guest.
Only on special request we present you all in-house guys personally.



CityBoys attaches great importance to health. This is in the interests of the guests as well as our boys. Many of the boys are extremely attentive to their physical condition and exercise regularly in the gym.
It goes without saying that this body awareness reflects that health is of particular importance. From own
Therefore, our boys take an interest in regular health checks, regardless of the statutory health advice provided by the health authorities. All boys are registered with the health, financial and regulatory authorities and licensed as escorts.
It goes without saying that only SAFER SEX is practiced. Our guys always have condoms and lubricants at hand, regardless of whether the guest is in the mood


The Apartment

Our house has 3 rooms and 2 apartments. You have the opportunity to enjoy your rendezvous for an overnight stay in one of these two apartments. You will meet the boy of your choice in rooms with own bathroom and toilet and separate access. Here you can enjoy a relaxing time in a private atmosphere.   

Visits to your home or hotel

We can also arrange a visit to your home or hotel. If you are interested, please call 0176-29649708 or send a text message. Please note that not all boys offer outcalls. 

If you like someone to visit you, please give us 2 to 3 hours time ahead.
All travel costs are to be paid by the guest, we will notify you about the final cost at the time of booking.

FAKE Bookings

Unfortunately, it happens that customers or competitors "have a funny breakfast" and find it funny to book fake dates and let the escort boys "into the void". We strictly dissociate ourselves from such silly actions and will follow fake bookings with all legal action.



The boy himself is your contractual partner and agrees with you the fee for the desired and agreed service on his own account. This price includes the room rent and our agency service. If you want a binding price from a certain boy in advance, you may of course like to inquire by phone, we will be happy to give you after consultation with the respective boy information. There are no flatrate offers.

Service and Claim


According to the new German Prostituion Law which came into force 2017, none of the boys will do unprotected intercourse. Please don't offer extra money for such services. 
Sometimes it happens that the chemistry between the guest and the selected escort does not fit. This usually turns out in the room within a short period of time. If this happens, the guest or the boy has the possibility to cancel the appointment up to 15 minutes from the beginning of the meeting. The guest then has the opportunity to choose another boy from the team. After expiration of this time window, the escort has to get paid the hourly rate.